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Natural Resources

The gender and natural resources thematic area is aimed at protecting women’s livelihoods, women’s land access and ownership. This includes monitoring the impact of activities in the extractive industry and land acquisitions on women’s health, economic and social wellbeing. The activities consist of research and advocacy in oil and gas, gold mining and Land Rights. NETRIGHT undertook research when Ghana’s oil find was announced to explore women’s concerns around the oil find and possible effects of oil drilling on the health and livelihoods in the fringe communities. The findings were used to engage parliamentarians and other actors during the development of legislations to govern Ghana’s infant oil and gas industry. Its activities around oil and gas in 2014 led to the formation of women accountability committees in selected districts to engage actors in the oil and gas sector.

Strengthening Women’s Agency to Demand Accountability, Equity and Transformation from Industry Actors for Improved Livelihoods (A STAR-Ghana funded Project)

NETRIGHT in collaboration with WiLDAF Ghana, FIDA-Ghana and ABANTU for Development implemented a Gender, Oil and Gas project titled 'Strengthening women’s agency to demand equity, transparency and accountability from industry actors'. The project aimed at strengthening women’s agency in the oil and gas communities to interrogate development policies and create a common platform for action. The project provided gender inputs to the Oil and Gas Exploration and Production bill; developed a gender framework for actors in the oil and gas industry; produced advocacy materials to protect livelihoods of women in oil-fringe communities as well as supported formation of gender advocacy platforms in oil-fringe communities to lead advocacy initiatives to protect women’s livelihoods in these communities. The project has strengthened women’s collective voice at the community level to engage duty bearers and other critical actors for improved livelihoods.

Gender, Land Governance and Investment Project (An IIED funded project)

NETRIGHT is currently implementing a project on promoting gender equitable land governance and agricultural investments in Ghana. The first phase of the project strengthened rural women’s voice and representation in land governance in Ghana. It specifically focused particularly on issues of control over decision making in the governance of land and agricultural investments at the household, community and national level, from a gender perspective. It explored processes, initiatives and interventions that strengthen women’s voice, representation and control over decision-making at different levels, and through this improve legal empowerment and accountability. It also analysed how such initiatives or their outcomes might be linked to policy processes to facilitate wider shifts and address implementation gaps in land and investment governance. A documentary has been produced including a country-wide survey to help influence advocacy initiatives during Phase II of the project which will take off before end of 2016. The project has contributed to increasing awareness on identified community level gender equitable land governance innovations and brought on board key actors to learn and share best practices on gendered land rights.

African Nonprofit Conference

Hon Barbara S. Asamoah, Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources delivering the keynote address at the National Policy Dialogue

African Nonprofit Conference

A cross-section of participants at the National Policy Dialogue


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